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    Online Christmas Food Order

    Burrow Farm @ Courtneys source from great local famers, growers and suppliers to ensure we are investing in the Devon community.

    Your Christmas order will be available to collect from either Burrow Farm@Courtneys, our Exeter butchers shop or direct from us at Burrow Farm, Broadclyst.

    Our range is hand picked and prepared for you by professional staff from the point of placing the order, through to preparing it ready for collection.

  • D.) Chicken


    D.) Chicken 0004
    £19.5 In stock
    Type and Weight Barn Reared Up to 3.2Kg (0) Barn reared over 3.2Kg (4.35) Free Range Up to 2.7Kg (3) Free Range Over 3.5Kg (10.25)